Dominion Prep has over a decade of proven educational experience, with high accreditation scores (by SACS – AdvancED – Cognia recognized in all 50 US states and over 70 countries) as a successor program to the Yorktown Education lab school.

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We used the Covid-education crisis to refocus the program on achieving students. Dominion Prep uses remote Face-to-Face Socratic instruction (structured, detailed questions and discussions with students), and parents select courses, teachers, and times on an “al la carte” basis. This makes the Dominion Prep program available without leaving your current school or activities; and you may attend without the physical constraints of location or transportation. You may also use Dominion Prep as a POD school or home-school program. Dominion Prep awards an accredited Advanced Gifted High School Diploma (if earned) and this may be in addition to other school diplomas. Course credits transfer to almost any recognized public or private US school under the Cognia accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education and all states.


Dominion Prep desires to move students ahead of their peers by at least two years with course grades of A using the program’s accelerated mastery system. Students then have the time and ability for higher level college courses, internships, travel, and sports or other activities – before they graduate from high school.

“FREAKING AWESOME! That’s what Dominion Prep is. My son and I started by trying one class to see for ourselves how Dominion Prep worked. After one semester we moved all of his classes to Dominion Prep. The Face-to-Face interaction is engaging him at a faster rate and higher level than I thought possible. I am so grateful to have found this school!”
– New Dominion Prep Mother

This ultimately leads to extraordinary opportunities in terms of elite college admissions and large scholarships. We have successfully done this for over a decade with Yorktown Education. Here are three recent family stories:

“My three children graduated from Yorktown in 2019, 2021 and 2022. They all were accepted into highly competitive programs and went to the college of their choice. My family has received over $550,000 in college scholarship offers as well. I credit my children’s high achievements to Yorktown and its excellent education, which provided them with solid fundamentals to succeed in college, a nurturing environment, smaller class sizes, flexible scheduling, the teachers’ ability to teach to the individual, the opportunity to excel and move ahead when ready, and the encouragement to reach for the stars. My eldest graduated UT Austin in three years with a double major in Physics and Math and a minor in Hebrew. Only four years after graduating from Yorktown Education high school, he is already earning his Doctorate in Physics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My middle child was accepted into a BS/MD program, early acceptance into medical school, and she will be graduating university this spring (having attended the university for two years). My youngest was accepted into almost every college he applied to at 16 years old and graduated Yorktown Education high school with 53 dual enrollment college credit hours. He is presently a freshman studying electrical and computer engineering with the goal of a master’s in computer science and possibly even obtaining a PhD.”
– Sharon Sela, Esq.

“Both of my children spent five years at Yorktown and graduated from high school early. They are also enrolled at their first choice private university with our family receiving over $200,000 in scholarships.”
– Dr. Michelle Rodgers (Clinical Psychologist)

“My son attended Yorktown for six years until we moved out of state (Texas). We are now at a public “school of selection” for high achievers. My son is one to three academic years ahead (depending on the subject) of other students his age, thanks to Yorktown’s Mastery of Learning and accelerated program.”
– Mrs. Pamela Campbell


The whole school college grade point averages have exceeded 3.7 on a 4.0 scale with scholarship awards exceeding $100,000 per graduate during the last few years.

You may view a sample of our graduates’ transcripts for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 here.

Dominion Prep is now only accepting group 1 and group 2 type students as represented in this 2021 graduate report here.

DOMINION PREP PARENTS love their children and believe in education. They understand that higher levels of academic achievement before high school graduation leads to continuing benefits in college, and career, along with a better life. Dominion Prep parents make good choices for their children, including courses, classes, teachers, and how children spend their time.

DOMINION PREP STUDENTS really want to achieve and are willing to do the work. They want a program to deliver higher levels of knowledge, achievement, and abilities. Dominion Prep students should become winners in the competitive adult world.

DOMINION PREP TEACHERS enjoy small classes with Face-to-Face Socratic instruction where they see results daily. Teachers enjoying elevating achievement with the Dominion Prep Mastery Program’s curriculum, lesson plans, pacing and everything needed, so teachers can focus on student learning and achievement.

Dominion Prep Accelerates Results and


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