Is Designed to enrich your student’s life with accredited classes that are not at your school, like How to Win Friends and Influence People. You are not expected to leave your current school or fulfill the Dominion Prep graduation requirements.

Supplemental classes examples are:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (E-7A),
  • Managing Myself (E-7B) which teaches self-management skills,
  • Health and Lifestyle (R-8B) which teaches a wide variety of skills including banking and investing, purchasing cars and houses, cooking and healthy activities, along with social activities and internet use.

Other popular classes are the decision science courses, they are:

  • Think 1 is Rational thought and titled Think Like Spock (R-9A).
  • Think 2 is Creative thought and senses titled Think Like Da Vinci (R-9B).
  • Think 3 is about brain functions, emotions, and group thought titled Think Like Others (R-10-A).

Cinema & Society (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5) are five courses with about 22 lessons covering just over fifty real life applications of useful knowledge. Each course uses about 10 movies to teach real world issues in every class. Here are three examples of three movies used with their lessons:

  • “The Martin”, examines man’s response to technology, nature, and disaster.
  • “Invictus”, examines changes in racial politics.
  • “The God Father”, examines organizational behavior under stress.

The movies for each course are ranked to be age appropriate, The Little Mermaid is in Cinema & Society 1 for example.

The Programs Foundation

Our Founder has made his life’s work improving your student’s future. While he has a fantasy that each student could be a success and launch rockets, create new cars, build new markets, possibly cure cancer – or maybe even makes governments work properly – that is unrealistic. And not everyone can, or desires, to graduate from an advanced high school.

  • But every loving parent wants their children to have the tools and experiences to live a successful, happy, and loving life. And our Founder wanted that for every child also. This is what the Dominion Prep Programs are about. No school can be everything to their student, but Dominion Prep is happy to help you without the risks normally associated with a school move or other offering.
  • Dominion Prep is building a library of advanced courses, currently over fifty, that will make students fully achieving responsible young adults. Real men and women who know how to make things happen and take control of their futures. Dominion Prep will continue to add to these courses and take suggestions from you – Our People who love their children and want to build the future.
  • This program is supported by interesting teachers who want to interact with students in a Face-to-Face small class manner to make sure students are mastering the material. These are not lectures but real time interactive discussions and activities that bring forth new insights, skills, and understandings. This also crates new friends. The remote methodology saves travel time, does not require you to leave your current school, and allows a greater range of teachers and students to participate. It is also safer than in-person school programs.
  • As a supplemental program you may keep your current school, current classes, or substitute for a current school course.

We currently offer:

  • Over twenty classes that are probably not available at your K-12 school. – supplemental program
  • Accelerated educational pathways that are probably not available at your K-12 school. – gifted program
  • Advanced Gifted High School Diploma at a higher level than other high schools – diploma program

Each program is created for each student under the control of their parents. We use our curriculum and methods as building blocks for your program.

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