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MAY 29, 2022

Terms and Conditions

This is a summary of Terms and Conditions for Dominion Prep. These are subordinate to the actual contracts that each person must sign through DOCUSIGN and are subject to change without notice. School Semesters run each Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. The education is 12 weeks per semester. You may only enroll for one future semester at a time.

The next semester’s courses, teachers, and class times may be chosen immediately after enrollment on a first come first served basis. You may change your schedule in the system anytime until 16 days before school starts when the schedule will be finalized.

You may drop your class and / or enrollment until 16 days after the start of school (the drop period) and receive your refund of tuition and class fees. Dominion Prep may also dismiss any student, parent of family from the school and refund their tuition up to 16 days after the start of school.

All fees are non-refundable after the drop period. Face-to-Face class sessions are mandatory and scheduled twice each week for an hour each time. Coursework will be required between face-to-face class sessions. Earned points determine the course grade with a system wide Midterm and Final graded by someone other than the teacher.

After each Midterm and Final the student may schedule time to work with the teacher and earn the points missed on the exam, to reach an A grade. This time is subject to charge at the schedule charge rate per student number. All students, parents, teachers, and community members are expected to behave well, use manners, and do their work responsibly. Students, Parents and Community members may not be allowed to reenroll for the next semester or dismissed from Dominion Prep.