Parent Application

  • image-01Dominion Prep is a private selective supplemental and full-school educational program for achieving students. About 50% of students may excel academically but are not well served by public schools or charter schools funded by governments.
  • image-01Dominion Prep puts accelerated, achieving and gifted education within the geographic reach of parents and students worldwide. This is done in an affordable manner with tuition of $2,000 per semester. The curriculum design has been done and proven in the United States, with school accreditation worldwide through Cognia – AdvancED – SACS.
  • image-01Dominion Prep semesters are completed in 12 weeks instead of the traditional 18 weeks, using the mastery system. Two semesters make a traditional school year of achievement, which takes twelve months at a traditional school.
  • image-01Dominion Prep runs four traditional semesters per calendar year. These are the Fall semester in September, October, and November. The Winter Semester is December, January, and February with the Spring Semester in March, April, and May. The Summer semester consists of June, July, and August.
  • image-01Parents choose which semesters students attend, and which classes students take. Students may take from one class to six classes per semester, depending on their parents’ desires. For example, Parents may choose for their students to stay in their current school and accelerate in math and science (two classes) at Dominion Prep.
  • image-01If parents choose three semesters in a calendar year (eg. Summer, Fall, and Winter), after two calendar years the student will complete six semesters of school, which is three years of education. After eight semesters these students should be two years ahead of other students of the same age, which has proven to lead to elite college admissions and significant college scholarships.
  • image-01We recommend that a fully loaded student (six Dominion Prep classes), take no more than three semesters per calendar year after their first year. Our experience has taught us that an accelerated pace, with a full load of classes, for more than seven consecutive semesters is extremely challenging. Even gifted, talented, and achieving students need breaks and a change of pace regularly.
  • image-01Enrollment is only one Semester at a time. Students must perform to be eligible to continue attending the Dominion Prep Program, but do not have to take semesters consecutively.
Winter Semester

Classes start at the beginning of December.

Fall Semester

Classes start at the beginning of September.

Summer Semester

Classes start at the beginning of June.

Spring Semester

Classes start at the beginning of March.



Show interest in the program. This may be done in several ways:

  • Fill out an inquiry form on the website, just click here, or click on a Learn More button or pop up while you are using the site.
  • Send an email requesting information or a conversation to
  • Click on the Enroll Now button at the top of the page in the section For Parents or click here.
  • All of the above.


Get your questions answered by:

  • Go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the top of the website or click here.
  • Email your question to the email address.
  • Email or in the pop-up box, ask to schedule an old fashioned telephone call.
  • Ask a Dominion Prep Parent, or your friends, or ask a current (or potential) Dominion Prep Nominator – a current parent or another reputable professional such as a teacher, doctor, or another leader.
  • All of the above.


Fill out your applications. There is a parent application for each family and a student application for each student. We expect that families may enroll more than one child. You may:

  • Fill out only the required information and not fill out the full application or request a background check. This will then trigger a required remote interview for the rest of the material.
  • Fill out the entire application for the Parent and each student and request background checks. This will save you a lot of time and paperwork because the Dominion Prep System automatically will fill out your official documents for you and send them to you by DocuSign for your approval and enrollment.


After the background check has been requested, paid for, and the information provided

  • The background check will take place. When the background check is completed, you will receive a counter-signed copy of your admission paperwork and a formal acceptance letter.


After you are officially enrolled, your electronic payment system

  • Will be set up and tuition will be collected for the next semester. You may drop out of the program up to sixteen days after classes start and receive a full refund. Tuition and fees are only collected one semester at a time when you notify Dominion Prep of your attendance.


Training session for Parents and Students will be scheduled and you will be emailed your system

  • Identification and password. This will be done remotely, and we expect parents and students to attend. You will also have classes, class selection and teacher selections explained.


You will now pick the following through the system:

  • What courses do I want this semester? You may request additional courses.
  • What teacher do I want for each course? You may suggest new teachers join Dominion Prep – we want to grow our teaching core.
  • What days and times do I want to take each class (subject to availability at that time)? You may also put in your desires for certain days and times.


The matching process will take place in the system.

  • Teachers will see your requests and may meet them or suggest others.
  • This process or “MATCHING” puts the teacher’s and student’s schedules together in the Dominion Prep System.
  • This process takes about two months and starts after the current semester’s drop period and ends with the Final Closure sixteen days before class starts the following semester.


You will receive your class schedules and information and your teacher fees will be collected through the payment system.

  • As with tuition class, if a student drops a class, that class’s fees may be refunded before the drop date which is sixteen days after classes start.

Contact Us for more information.