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Curriculum Philosophies , Dominion Prep Curriculum Model , and a Curriculum Map along with sample course syllabi are presented below. The next sections are Methods of Instruction and How Dominion Prep Functions . After that, you will also find the optional Advanced Gifted Diploma Requirements and you may request a conversation at the end.

The Founder’s previous school and projects have spent over a decade developing the curriculum for Dominion Prep with face-to-face and remote attendance options. When COVID-19 hit, two seniors were even working at a ski resort in Vail Colorado while engaging in a full academic class load. Yorktown Education students simply had more time to fully accelerate their education and gained in their learning levels at a higher pace during COVID-19, while other schools saw educational declines.

We believe that the curriculum should be relevant and challenging while building student understanding and capacity.
Many students and parents would like to take advanced, gifted or specialty courses without the risk of leaving their current schools, friends, or other activities. That is why Dominion Prep offers courses “à la carte.” Students may take courses that work with their existing schedules. Parents pick the courses, teachers, and times from the offerings each semester, and they can also request course offerings. Credits transfer to traditional schools, and students are not required to earn a Dominion Prep Advanced Gifted High School Diploma.

We follow our methods and accelerate students faster using a mastery program where we expect students who want to earn “A” grades, will earn “A” grades. Each academic semester is 12 weeks instead of the usual 18 weeks at traditional schools. Dominion Prep students may be two academic years ahead of their peers at traditional schools in two, three or four calendar years. The left column of the curriculum map shows typical lower and higher ages for students at certain course levels. For students who enter Dominion Prep early enough, we expect earning “A” grades in Calculus at 14 or 15 years old to be typical.

After students are accelerated with high levels of skills (not grade skipping) they have the ability and time to broaden their education and develop specialized knowledge and expertise – as shown in the top three rows of the Curriculum Map. Many of these classes are simply not available for people in traditional schools. This ability to earn “A” grades in accelerated courses is the key reason Yorktown graduates received elite school admissions and life-changing college scholarship awards. We expect the same outcomes for Dominion Prep graduates.

Each Dominion Prep course is designed as an integration of core evidence-based learning components to form a cohesive curriculum specifically tailored for motivated, achieving students who want to be well prepared for competitive college entrance upon graduation.

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This is an Accelerated School Program for Achieving students. Students may use this as a supplemental, accelerated, or gifted program at their current in-person public or private school. Dominion Prep also grants Advanced Gifted High School Diplomas from its remote Face-To-Face instruction program. Dominion Prep is fully accredited in all 50 United States and over 70 countries.

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Parents can always know where their student is academically because all classes are run on the same learning platform, with the same time schedules and grading systems. Parents have the class plans and may watch live sessions take place, so parents are confident in the Dominion Prep education.

Students may earn as many course credits as desired, and student outcomes depend on student efforts. We expect that the school’s historic pattern will continue with Dominion Prep. Students who put forth the effort for their best results, receive a quality education that is simply not available elsewhere – regardless of their race, sex, religion, or creed.
For over a decade, many instructional methods were used at Yorktown Education, and the school was also a test lab, we have practiced almost every method to prove the best methods for each student type.

We know how to deliver an extraordinarily effective education to achieving students at an accelerated pace. This method includes a combination of asynchronous instructional activities (e.g., reading, projects, group activities) and face-to-face small class discussions with classmates and trained teachers who know the subject well. The target averages for each course per week are two hours of face-to-face Socratic discussion at a fixed day and time each week and three hours of asynchronous work per week. A full schedule of six classes (12 hours of fixed class time + 18 hours of work) is 30 hours per week, leaving time for students to develop talent in areas of interest.

All classes are run with the Dominion Prep Learning System and other tools as needed. All classes include live, synchronous, remote face-to-face instruction through the Dominion Prep system and classes are recorded for quality review and training. All classes follow the Dominion Prep curriculum and formats, allowing teachers the time to focus on their students.
All Dominion Prep parties (students, parents, teachers, and others) have their own Dominion Prep Learning System “dashboard” to remotely manage the platform according to their needs.

Teachers complete specialized onboarding and training each quarter as needed. Teachers then pick the courses they wish to teach and when they wish to teach. Teachers may change the offerings and time to meet demand (we call this process “Matching”). Matching stops 16 days before classes start, with one last class – enrollment fix – after that.
Parents may start selecting classes for the next semester (start the Matching process) one day after the Drop Period in the current semester. The Drop Period ends 16 days after the start of the semester. If a student drops a class, they are no longer in the class, receive no credit, and their class payment is refunded.

There is a 32-day period (16 days before the semester starts and 16 days after the semester starts) where classes are not offered or demanded. This is the Drop Period – where teachers or students may no longer change classes but may drop classes. Outside of this time is the Matching period for the following semester.

Parents may select classes if the prerequisites are met, which are typically the classes below an offering on the curriculum map. For instance, Algebra l and Geometry are required before Algebra II.

Students are not required to graduate from Dominion Prep. Because Dominion Prep is also an accredited school, any credits earned at Dominion Prep will be accepted by traditional schools. This provides students the option to stay in their current school and take classes “à la carte.”

Students may also earn a diploma at their current high school and a Dominion Prep Advanced Gifted High School Diploma. Students may also work solely for a Dominion Prep Advanced Gifted High School Diploma as a pod-school or as a home-schooled student.
You can see from the comparison and requirements chart for the Dominion Prep Advanced Gifted High School Diploma. Which one do you think the colleges will find more impressive? Dominion Prep will only offer recommendations and college selection services to students targeting, and on track for graduating, with a Dominion Prep Advanced Gifted High School Diploma. The Yorktown Education and Dominion Prep brand recognition with colleges, both from a requirement basis AND a historic student performance basis, is critical to our graduates receiving admissions and scholarships in the future. There is a reason certain elite private colleges have called Mr. Reiners with the question “Do you have any good students for us this year?”

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The Dominion Prep curriculum is developed in partnership with Creative Education Partners, LLC to provide students the opportunity to grow and succeed in the following areas: Student Achievement, Personal Flourishing, and Learning Independence.

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