Dominion Prep plans on delivering a better experience for Teachers. Teachers desire to join Dominion Prep for several reasons including:


Financial Gain

Teachers are chosen by students and parents, and can develop their own followings, teaching many of the same students for years, if they both choose. Teachers are paid by the class hour. Each course is completed on a 12-week schedule with 2 separate classes of an hour each week. There is time to complete assignments needed between classes. The class charges for the parents and students, are paid to the teachers. Teachers are paid on a sliding scale per hour, view Our Complete Chart.

Three examples Parent Rate/hr. Teachers Rate / hr. Teachers pay / Class Semester Parents Pay / Class Semester
For 1 student/Class
Hour One class and One
Student tutoring
$60 $60 $1,440 $1,440
For 10 students/Class
This may be the ideal
class size
$10 $100 $2,400 $240
For 20 student/Class
This is the maximum
allowable class size
$8 $160 $3,840 $192

Example :

If a teacher taught five classes per week, at ten hours per week, with ten students per class.
They would make 10 hours times $100 per hour = $1,000 per week X 36 weeks = $36,000.

At a maximum class size of 20 students.
At five classes per week = with 20 hours per week = $160 hour X 20 hours = $3,200 per week X 36 weeks = $115,000 per calendar year.

Additional opportunities for Teachers :


Motivated Students

Students are only enrolled after proving performance in the top half of students, at fourth grade level or above, at a previous school. Students must also be nominated by an approved nominator, like another teacher, coach, minister, scout leader or other responsible community member. These students want to move ahead and love to learn. Students are reviewed by teachers every semester and must perform in their school work and behavior. If a student receives substandard reviews, they may not be invited back for the next semester. Teachers also have the ability to decline teaching certain students on an individual basis. Students may ask for additional teacher attention, and the teacher receives additional compensation for providing the attention.

Personal Freedom

Teachers choose the classes that they wish to teach, and the hours when they wish to work. Teachers may also choose the class sizes that they wish to teach. Every course’s curriculum is already written, and provided through the Dominion Prep Learning System. Midterms and Finals are already developed and graded through the Dominion Prep Learning System. Teachers may add additional material at their discretion.

Teachers access the Dominion Prep System remotely through an internet connection. Teachers are free to travel and teach from anywhere. There are no travel time, location, or additional hour requirements. Classes are held with face-to-face remote software where the teacher already knows the subject and course, along with the questions for discussion being provided to the teacher. Teachers are expected to have enjoyable interactive discussions with students, making the subject interesting and memorable. Teachers may also assess students’ mastery of the subject and provide additional make up work if a student falls below an A grade.

Teachers may start with one class and add additional classes as demand increases – without leaving their current employment. Teachers may also provide additional instruction to individual and small groups of students as needed. Teachers will be building a following, and they may choose to work as many hours as desired at Dominion Prep, depending on demand.

Ease of Use and Safety

The Dominion Prep system has students working remotely so there are no fights, less bullying and more comfortable “class” settings. Parents may watch and listen to classes but cannot comment or interfere. All class activities are recorded by the system, so false allegations against a teacher may be proven. Teachers never have to meet in person with a student or parent, if that is their wish.

The Dominion Prep System is easy to use, lessons are provided and may be done on the teacher’s desired schedule. Teachers can focus on the core issue they love – engaging interesting students with a minimal of outside headaches.

What else do I need to Know?

Teachers will Apply and enter their backgrounds, references, and credentials. Teachers may also enter their philosophy and political beliefs for publishing in the teacher catalog. Teachers should also upload a picture for the catalog in the system. This will help ensure that the teacher, parents, and students are interacting with similar values.

Just as students are ranked, the teachers are ranked to help student selection. When classes are finished students and parents will fill out a survey. These results will be combined with the student academic results to create a teacher ranking. These ranking will state “no ranking, new” until enough classes and students have been taught, and results gathered. For the top ranking, almost all students must academically achieve in the class and parents and students should be happy. For a bottom ranking, all students must not do well in class and students and parents must be unhappy. We anticipate that higher ranked teachers will have more demand for their classes. Teachers who join first will build more positive reviews faster.