Dominion Prep plans on delivering a better experience for Parents. Parents desire to join Dominion Prep Program for several reasons including :



Confidence in the High-Quality Education

Dominion Prep is an Accelerated Mastery Based program with additional tutoring available as needed. This should deliver most of the learning gains, at a faster rate, than previous Personalized Learning or other programs. You may view a TED talk on how this works HERE. Students learn at a high level through discussions, thinking and doing the work – not traditional lectures.

Parents are welcome to review their student’s curriculum for every class. You may view the Dominion Prep Curriculum Course Map, which has additional real-world subjects that help generate higher rewards.

Parents may watch and listen to each class their student takes, live or recorded. Parents may rate each teacher when the course is finished. Ratings will be published to the Dominion Prep community, so parents may re-enroll with teachers they like, or change to another teacher. Parents are in control of who educates their children, and parents know what is being taught to their children.

The Dominion Prep program is built on the experience of over a decade of quality school experience in personalized and remote learning. The Founder’s previous school showed excellent educational results even during the COVID shutdown. This proven experience shows what is best for achieving students and the results are discussed in HIGH REWARDS below. We also learned how low behaving or performance of students (and parents) adversely affect achieving students and the school itself. This is a major issue in public schools and many private schools, so Dominion Prep’s new school model hopes to minimize these issues.

Dominion Prep is already fully accredited in all fifty United States and over seventy countries worldwide through Cognia – AdvancED – SACS. Dominion Prep is also accredited by TEPSAC, the NCAA, and the United States Department of State for international students.

High Reward

We expect graduates of Dominion Prep will have similar results to our previous high-achieving students at the personalized learning school (who were classified as Group 1 and Group 2 students). These students received multiple college admissions offers to schools of their choice, with scholarship offers and college credits already completed. The strategic decision was made to start a Dominion Prep Program focusing on group one and group two students and families. In the COVID graduating year of May 2021, these students received college scholarship offers averaging over $100,000 per student, over 30 college credits per student (even though half graduated early) and a 3.5 grade point average on 4.0 scale in college courses, taught at college and graded by colleges. You can see the Results. One student was even accepted to Medical School out of high school, through a special program while another student turned down multiple recruiting offers, including Ivy League quality and top-ranked universities, to take a full scholarship at his school of choice.

Low Risk and Cost

You do not have to leave your current school to enroll at Dominion Prep. You may continue at your current school on a dual enrollment basis. Dominion Prep focuses on high-return education like math, technology, design and understanding the real world. High-cost lower reward education like music, plays and sports may be done for free at your public school. You may start at Dominion with only one course at a time, or you may take a full school load in the semesters of your choice.

Your student should not be lost or overlooked with a teacher in a smaller face-to-face classroom setting. Classes are no larger than 20 students, we expect about 10 students per class, and you can even have your student personally tutored if you pay for it.

Remote learning in the face-to-face Dominion Learning System means your teachers and students can read and understand each other. There is no room for viruses, altercations, or other student and parent nonsense. Time usage is effective and efficient – unlike most other programs. This is not a lonely unguided slog through printed pages like the traditional virtual schools you may have experienced in COVID.

School semesters are completed every three months (the acceleration) and you may only enroll for one semester at a time. There is no long-term commitment, with the prepayment of tuition and teacher fees for one semester.

Tuition is only $2,000 per semester plus teacher fees and books. The first enrolled parents will receive a starting scholarship, and only pay for teacher fees and books.

You get what you pay for in teacher fees – Teachers are chosen by students and parents and may teach many of the same students for years. Parents pay teacher fees at the start of the semester. Teachers are paid by the class hour. Each course is completed on a 12-week schedule with 2 separate classes of an hour each week. There is time to complete required assignments between classes. The teacher fees (class charges) for the parents and students, are paid to the teachers. Teachers are paid on a sliding scale per hour, view Our Complete Chart.

Three examples Parent Rate/hr. Teachers Rate / hr. Teachers pay / Class Semester Parents Pay / Class Semester
For 1 student/Class
Hour One class and One
Student tutoring
$60 $60 $1,440 $1,440
For 10 students/Class
This may be the ideal
class size
$10 $100 $2,400 $240
For 20 students/Class
This is the maximum
allowable class size
$8 $160 $3,840 $192

Example :

If parents chose to have five standard classes at 10 students per classroom, then a semester’s teaching fees would be 5 times $240 = $1,200 teaching fee plus $2,000 tuition for a total of $3,200 per semester for a full private school.

Ease of Use and Safety

The Dominion Prep system has students working remotely so the costs are much less than traditional private schools and you can pick your teachers and times. There are also no fights, less bullying and more comfortable “class” settings, and the rampant drug problem is impossible remotely.

The Dominion Prep System is easy to use, lessons are provided and may be done on the parent’s desired schedule – depending on teacher availability. Parents get what they want – engaging high-achieving students with minimal outside headaches and little risk or cost.

What else do I need to Know?

Parents will apply and enter backgrounds, and references, with their application. Parents may also enter their philosophy and political beliefs for publishing in the student catalog. Parents should also upload a picture of their student and themselves, for the catalog in the system. This will help ensure that the teacher, parents, and students are interacting with similar people.

Just as teachers are ranked, the students are ranked to help teacher selection. When classes are finished students and parents will fill out a survey. These results will be combined with the results to create teacher and student reviews. These reviews will state “no ranking, new” until enough classes have been taken, and results gathered. For the top rating, almost all students must academically achieve in the class and parents and students should be happy.