Our hope is that Dominion Prep graduates have very high-level academic achievement, a quality work ethic and refined social graces. This will lead colleges to value Dominion Prep graduates, just as they valued group 1 and group 2 graduates of the Founder’s personalized learning school. You may review the COVID class graduate report HERE.

What is a Nomination?

Dominion Prep requires a reputable adult (not their parent), who knows the student and thinks the student is of the quality needed to graduate from Dominion Prep.

Why require a Nomination?

Dominion Prep requires the right candidates to enter the school and enjoy the proper environment and instruction. The school community should not be distracted, or have attention and resources become diverted, to those without the work ethic, behavior, or talent to become a Dominion Prep graduate. These people only raise the costs, and hurts those who wish to achieve, and are not a benefit to the community.

Who can Nominate?

Teachers in good standing who are registered to teach a class at Dominion Prep may nominate a student. Teachers may become nominators by registering to teach a class.

Parents of Dominion Prep students may nominate a new student.

Admirable adults, who know the student, may apply to become a Nominator for Dominion Prep. After approval and a background check, this adult may then nominate a student. Key people for these nominating positions are coaches, instructors, doctors, clergy, scout leaders, business associates and others who may know potentially worthy students.

Why be a Nominator?

Nominators may give students the opportunity to live better lives. Nominators may also recommend scholarship awards for new students. The more successful nominations, the more scholarships the Nominator may grant. Nominators increase their status and prestige while helping their friends, families and business partners improve their lives.