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This program is not the best choice for everybody. This program is specifically for achieving students whose parents understand and value the benefits of higher levels of education and achievement. This program requires mastery with face-to-face discussions along with actual work product.

Our Founder previously started a Personalize Learning School that achieved outstanding results for average students, and truly excellent results for a certain group of students. These students and parents were diligent, well behaved, and supportive of the school. Our graduate report HERE shows the kind of results these group 1 and group 2 students achieved. The Founder has over ten years’ experience, using Dominion Prep’s methods with these achieving students and it works well.

Higher levels of education with broader exposure to more needed topics lead to greater success in real life.

Personalized Learning in person has several problems. The program attracted students and parents who were not beneficial to the school community. While truly good results were achieved for average and below average students, students were in the position they were in because of their parents. A year or three years of quality education cannot overrule a decade of bad parenting. And bad parents were badly behaved in other ways also. Other issues with personalized learning include People with the idea :

  • Students do not have to work or behave.
  • Everything should be changed just for their child.
  • Teachers should tutor their students all the time.
  • Parents should be free to interrupt classes to the detriment of others.
  • School should be free to them while the expenses of serving non group 1 and 2 students exceed $20,000 a year like special education in public school.

You can enroll and attend Dominion Prep in either mode.

Dominion Prep delivers an accelerated mastery program with special curriculum designed for high achieving students. You may complete the full accredited school program and receive a Dominion Prep Gifted and Achieving Diploma without attending another high school. You may also choose to receive both your local high school diploma and a Dominion Prep Gifted and Achieving Diploma and transcript. We know which the colleges will rather see….

Dominion Prep understands what we do best, at affordable costs, and it is not Football. In high school, our Founder was an Eagle Scout, a state champion in two sports and a qualified thespian (theater geek). His freshman year at a top ranked engineering college, he competed in a top five NCAA Division 1 athletic program and trained for the Olympic games. He also earned 54 college credit hours in engineering and was on the Dean’s list. He did regret that his high school academic experience was not all it could have been, and he had to catch up in this top five ranked engineering program. He wishes a Dominion Prep program had been available for him – but he is making it is available to achieving students now!

Dominion appreciates the benefits of expensive, high-cost capital experiences like sports programs and theater – even though you will not be making a living doing them. You can receive these for free at your public school, and still enjoy the benefits of Dominion Prep.

So, you can keep your existing public school and take classes at Dominion Prep or use it as a home school program.

Dominion Prep will accept credits from qualified schools of record. Quality schools of record accept the credits and accreditation authority of Cognia-AdvancED-SACS for Dominion Prep worldwide.

Accelerating and achieving students need to discuss the topic they are learning While Students and Teachers are looking at each other’s faces. Viewing the other peoples faces provide visual clues about understanding, or not understanding. It also generates emotional issues like satisfaction and pride, which increases retention and self-esteem. These Socratic discussions led by teachers also builds communication skills, debate skills and speeds learning. Therefore in person schools, who were wearing masks, are a complete failure in the past and will be a complete failure in the future.

We find the ideal class size is ten students because teachers and students can see everyone’s face at the same time and the classroom methods and curricula will keep every student actively involved in class. If students do not understand the material, they may add tutoring as needed. There are assignments like reading, videos and projects that need to be accomplished between classes. Instruction and practice are a powerful combination.

Remote operation allows Dominion Prep to:

  • Greatly reduce costs without fixed overhead. Tuition is $2,000 per semester while at traditional private schools’ tuition typically runs between $10,000 to $30,000 per semester.
  • Broaden the number of available teachers and classes for students,
  • Broaden the bases of students across the country, and the world, instead of trying to achieve economies of scale in a smaller local area,
  • After COVID, people are now comfortable with video conferencing, so this method can be used with a much larger audience. Our Founder has done this for over a decade.
  • Stay open and not be shut down by governments or politicians,
  • Keep students, teachers, and parents safer from disease and germs,
  • Keep students, teachers, and parents safer from fights, bullying and school shooters,
  • Let parents pick teachers who match their values,
  • Give the Dominion Prep community control over their time and travel. No gas expenses or commuting time.

After you are enrolled in the Dominion Prep program, you will have access to the Dominion Prep learning system. It kind of works like Uber – but you pick your course (instead of a trip) and pick your teacher (instead of a driver) who will lead your student to high achievement.

You will have access to see what courses are offered, by which teachers and on what schedule, and how many other students are in the class. You will pick your teachers and classes and may change until sixteen days before school starts.

Tuition is $2,000 per semester plus teacher fees and books if you want them. Teacher fees are on a sliding scale based on the number of students per class see here . With five classes of ten students per class the teachers’ fees would be $10 per class hour, times 24 class hours per course, times 5 courses = $1,200 teacher fees plus tuition of $2,000 = $3,200 total cost per semester. You get what you pay for.

Dominion Prep is for well-behaved achieving students who are willing to work. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. You should ask people you know for a nomination to Dominion Prep. If they are a Nominator, they may offer you a scholarship with your nomination.

If you cannot find a Nominator, ask your favorite teacher to join Dominion Prep on a part time basis. Your teacher can teach their favorite class to good students for two hours a week and make a few thousand dollars a semester – without leaving their current desk!

We have found that good quality Montessori programs created well prepared students for Dominion Prep. Students have also not learned the skills to succeed at Dominion Prep before fourth grade. At Fourth grade we also know which students are going to be in the top half of students. We have learned that trying to accelerate students too early is a parental ego trip. Students need the time to practice their basic skills, like handwriting, without pressure. Fourth to sixth grade entry is ideal to receive all the benefits of acceleration without overburdening the student.

Who is teaching in this program?

Dominion Prep seeks experienced licensed teachers who want to lead achieving students in small class basis using the benefits of the Dominion Prep Learning System. We expect teachers to start part time with one class and add classes over time. 100% of teacher fees go to the teachers.

After a while, a teacher with ten kids per class, that is $100 per class hour Teaching 5 classes is 10 hours per week. That is $1,000 per week. At 12 weeks per semester and four semesters a year that is an additional $48,000 per year for adding 10 hours a week to their teaching schedule.

Dominion Prep is owned through a series of legal organizations. The parent organization is a Charitable Trust set up by the Founder to insure the school’s future after his death.

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