Students in the top half of skill levels may be nominated to join Dominion Prep’s supplemental or full-time program. If the student enters at the start of fourth grade, they are expected to complete all of sixth grade academic work within two years, including sound understanding of :

  • Arithmetic, Geometry and Math and well prepared for Algebra.
  • Have a basic understanding of all basic areas of science including astronomy, ecology, earth science, basic biology, introductory physics, and energy for example.
  • Reading and writing well, with a practiced skill base including creative writing.
  • Social Studies including general history, worldwide and in their country along with introductory politics and economics.
  • All students will also understand basic computers and coding.
  • We encourage all students to study at least one extra language like Chinese and Spanish at an in-person school specializing in the language.

Curriculum Map


Tuition fees are $2,000 per Semester.

Enrollment is one semester at a time and each semester is completed in three months. Semesters are Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Scholarships will be awarded to the first 200 students enrolled for the Fall Semester of 2022.



From 1st to 3rd Grade

Regardless of intellectual ability much of learning is based on skills, and students are not ready to accelerate properly if they lack their basic skills. This includes listening, asking questions along with reading and writing. Our experience shows that overly aggressive parents who choose to accelerate their children too soon, will “burn them out”. We find that there are many Montessori schools, and some traditional schools, that do an excellent job with younger children until they finish their third-grade learning and skills. Our experience is that after third grade we can do much more to accelerate learning for achieving students than Montessori and traditional programs. Dominion Prep is focused on ages where acceleration can do the best, worldwide.